Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Nice Things

Nice things to think about today:

  1.  Waffles

    I got a waffle maker for Christmas
    The possibilities are endless.
    Please expect further Waffle-related posts.

This place is full of goodies. And nice coffee. Which is much better than not-very-nice coffee, isn't it.

I had the Blackforest and she (her, opposite me) had a cheeky slice of Carrot Cake that was, in fact,  LUSH.

Why not? This is what the contents page looks like....

Yep. That does say 'Sweet Treats for That Sweet Ass' followed by that more than necessary 'Pimpclusion' that all good cookbooks should have. Ask Delia.

4. Dark Chocolate. 
Particularly Scharffen Berger Chocolate and their Chocolate Adventure Contest.
The site is great for chocolatey inspiration, it has loooooads of chocolate recipes and even has an interactive cupcake builder!

5. Friends and Family
They are very important. Make cakes for them. Make a mess for them :)